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SLS also known as Selective Laser Sintering, primarily used to quickly produce three dimensional parts, layer by layer, from powdered materials.

SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)

How SLS works: Clouds SLS process produces parts directly from 3D CAD model; layer by layer similar to SLA but rather than liquid resin powder is used. The CO2 Laser provides a concentrated heating beam which is traced over the tightly compacted layer of fine heat-fusible powder. The temperature in the entire chamber is maintained little below the melting point of the powder. So laser slightly raises the temperature to cause sintering, means welding without melting. For next level, piston moves down along with the formed object and powder is spread with a roller for next layer. Process repeats until full object is formed. Functional products with snap fits, living hinges, thermally and mechanically loaded parts. SLS has wide variety of materials available. SLS polyamide (Nylon) material allows the production of fully functional prototypes with high strength and suitable for snap fits, living hinges features. SLS (GF) Glass Filled Nylon is suitable for high thermal resistance and high impact strength prototypes. SLS Somos is used for functional rubber like parts.